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5 Jan, 2022

As an urgent action TODAY, the GCF is requesting us that we disclose the environmental and social safeguards attached and shared the link of the website they have been  posted. I receive the message today and urgently requesting you all and CPOs to ask any  of your project  to post the document  on their project website  if they have  today and send us the website  link by COB.  It is the same process with followed with the Sahel Program which Benoit coordinated the disclosure process last year.

I will call each of you to follow up as it is quite urgent and many thanks in advance. For Francophone countries, the project teams can post the English version + Executive Summary In French  to meet the deadlines today and the full translated version will be shared next week.

Again thanks in advance.

Here is the document link:

Résumé Executif CGES IGREENFIN 1 FR pdf.

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